Library Monkey

Library Monkey 4.0.1

Catalog and process your audio files

Need a better way of keeping track of your important audio files? If so, take a closer look at Library Monkey. View full description


  • Catalogs audio logically
  • Converts audio
  • Drag and drop interface


  • Cluttered interface


Need a better way of keeping track of your important audio files? If so, take a closer look at Library Monkey.

Library Monkey allows you to import audio tracks including iTunes and will even convert them to different formats courtesy of a special Sound Grinder. Simply drag and drop audio files into the Library Monkey window and you're done. Library Monkey is integrated with Finder and allows you to create Smart Sets to automatically organize your assets by any criteria you desire.

The search functions in Library Monkey are particularly impressive. You can perform complex searches using symbols and Boolean options. You can also save and refine searches via the recent searches via the Recent Searches list.

The interface of Library Monkey is very cluttered and it could do with simplifying to make the different features more obvious. However, if need something other than iTunes to catalog music, you'll definitely find it worth persevering with.

Library Monkey is a solid way to organize your audio files.


  • Fixed an issue where the application may crash on exit - Fixed an issue with Hierarchial Sets in which the application would crash on exit if any Set had a child Set.
  • Fixed an issue with audio output routing - Fixed an issue where audio playback was not respecting the audio routing setup in Audio MIDI Setup.
  • Fixed an issue with pausing audio playback - Fixed an issue where pausing audio playback may cause a buzzing on some hardware. The fix may also address other playback issues.
  • Fixed a crash issue when importing an "empty" folder - Fixed an issue where importing a folder that didn't contain any recognizable files would cause a subsequent crash.
  • Fixed a crash issue when importing malformed AIFF and WAVE files - Added a workaround to import Region info correctly when saved with incorrect endianness.
  • Updated Quicktime Time Reference Metadata display - Updated the Quicktime Time Reference metadata display to show a time value according to the current time units settings.
  • Updated Time Metadata displays - Updated the various Time metadata displays to correctly display sample counts.
  • Fixed an issue where output files may not be exported correctly - Fixed an issue where, in rare cases, interleaved exported files may be created with mono audio split between output channels.
  • Added change for empty Region Data - Added change to skip reading Region Data from WAVE files when the chunk data size is 0.
  • Fixed an issue where certain WAVE files would not be properly imported on PPC -Fixed an endian-swap bug on PPC that would cause certain WAVE files to be imported as Quicktime files.
  • Fixed an issue when writing MP3 files - Fixed an issue where an error would be displayed when writing stereo MP3 files under certain special circumstance.
  • General enhancements - This version contains several other fixes and enhancements providing greater stability and efficiency.

Library Monkey offers a cost-effective solution for complete media asset management. This new version provides many powerful features including; custom libraries called "Smart Sets" that provide a flexible means for you assets in your vast libraries; advanced CD-ripping with support for track indexes at a cost hundreds less than other ripping utilities; AU and VST processing, advanced naming options and much more.


  • VST and Audio Unit Plug-In support
  • Multi-Channel file support
  • Smart Sets
  • Advanced naming options
  • User defined fields
  • New and updated support for file formats and codecs
  • Enhanced metadata support
  • Playback with preview
  • Advanced normalizing
  • CD ripping with index support
  • Support for Finder/ Spotlight Comments
  • Updated user interface
  • Unattended processing mode
  • Enhanced processing engine
  • Unicode support
  • Rapid Convert with presets
  • Conversion presets
  • Open converted files into other applications
  • User defined fields
  • Playback preview
  • Field related searches
  • Catalog and organize media files as well.

Library Monkey


Library Monkey 4.0.1